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Chicago Production Offices

The need for professional and versatile production offices is key when it comes to the creative processes. GreenlightGO presents two premium spaces in the heart of Chicago with a wide range of amenities.  Prime Chicago Office Space Located

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LA Studio Roundup

At GreenlightGO we understand that you need the best location to support the demands of your production without a hitch. That’s why we’re pleased to present top-notch sound stage options, with a wide range of amenities, all in the Los Ang

NYC Studio Roundup

GreenlightGO is dedicated to providing production facilities for films, TV shows, commercials, and music videos. Whether you need a small space for interviews or a turnkey solution for large productions… we’ve got you covered. Here are so

Brooklyn Navy Yard Production Offices

The Brooklyn Navy Yard Production Offices offer 10,000+ sq. ft. of flexible space. Located on the third floor, this facility includes space for wardrobe, the art department, and has a massive conference room for production meetings. This s

GreenlightGO at SXSW: We Need Your VOTE!

                                                                                          Vote for GreenlightGO at SXSW: The Future of Production Space                           GreenlightGO needs your help. VOTE for our panel to speak at