The 7 Best Photo Studios for Rent in Los Angeles California

What Makes the “Best” Option
Los Angeles is home to countless photo studio options. Every photographer has their go-to studio for most projects, but what happens when your client is on the other end of town or if the project goes from shooting a headshot to a group band photo? You, as a professional photographer, know how important it is to find the right photo studio. We know it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect spot so that's why we've compiled a list of our 7 best photo studios for rent in Los Angeles.
“Best” can change from shoot to shoot. We chose these facilities as they all are industry standard places, professional, and each provides a unique backdrop. A brick façade gives your headshots a rustic look while a white cyclorama wall can make your image seem polished and professional. We hope one of these photo studios speaks to you as much as they do for us. 

Equipment on-site

  1. Charming Santa Monica Photography and Film Studio - Make yourself at home in this coastal Los Angeles studio. Take pleasure when setting foot into a rental that will be sure to spark imagination and inspire you. You will have access to high-end equipment and outstanding services - just ask about the on-hand professionals - so that you get ahead of the game start on content creation. Their team of true professionals can also help your project from start-to-finish with their full production service option.  

Rustic event and photo space
2.                   Jefferson Park Photo and Event Space - This videography and photography studio also provides a great backdrop for your small event! Enjoy the LA sunshine at their grand pavilion or utilize their rustic, red brick for your next headshot reel. This space is flexible and can be used as a rehearsal venue, fitness class, or baby shower. Contact us to tour this beautiful, modern studio and event space!

White Cyclorama in Culver City

3.                   All-In-One LA Production Space  - Out in the desirable neighborhood of Culver City, this all-in-one production space has everything you could possibly need to get your project from script to screen. For all your studio needs, this space provides a white cyc, a green screen, and a brick wall that easily converts into additional shooting space. They even have equipment on site so you’re never waiting around with your equipment stuck in traffic.

White cyc studio
4.                   Eagle Rock Cyc Studio - With the beautiful natural light and countless amenities, this 1,850 square foot studio space never falls short of perfection. Complete with a 15’ x 19’ pre-lit cyc, multiple shooting surfaces, an outdoor shooting area, and an excellent sound system with access to production services and gear. It even includes an exquisite Airbnb house location, five minutes away from the studio.
Turnkey Green screen photo space
5.                   Full-Service Production Space - This production space truly does it all: from start to finish, their space is perfectly equipped to handle your project no matter what phase of production it’s in. With production office space, edit suites, and a pre-lit, soundproofed, 3 wall cove cyc, anything’s possible here. Complete with state-of-the-art digital video equipment and boasting an expert team offering support every step of the way, potential disasters are effortlessly averted left and right.
Beautiful warehouse photo location
6.                   Downtown LA Warehouse - Located centrally in Downtown Los Angeles, this multi-functional creative solution offers a unique, open space for photo and video shoots. The high-pitched ceilings and natural lighting create the perfect setting to achieve your desired aesthetic. Other amenities include hair and makeup stations, on-site tech, and green screen capabilities.
Multi-color cyc walls
7.                   Professional Glendale Studio - If you’re looking for a shooting location in Glendale Los Angeles these two studios are perfect for you. They total nearly 4000 ft.² of space and are equipped with two Cyc walls - one green and one white - and a black void room ready for use.
Before you Book! 
The fast-paced life of a photographer can make you decide on the first good option. Here’s some friendly reminders to keep in mind: 
-          Location: Consider the traffic to/from the studio and the location it is from your client.  
-          Equipment at the studio: Forgetting one piece of equipment can make or break your shoot. Double-check the studio’s inventory so you’re not scrambling for a piece of tape. 
-          Parking: Clarify the number of parking spots and where to park. You don’t want your client to arrive before you because you couldn’t find parking.  
-          Props: Backdrops are standard in the photo studio world. That said, don’t expect each space to cater to your assumptions.
-          Sound: Clients often assume if you have a camera, you can shoot video. Prepare for the unexpected and ask your studio if it’s soundproofed or if there are any issues with sound. 
-          Size: As I’m sure you are well aware; the size of the space can look larger/smaller than the pictures seem. Ask for the square footage to get an accurate reading. 
We advise touring the facility to get familiar with the parking, size of the space, and the equipment on hand, so you’re ready for a successful shoot! 
GreenlightGO to the Rescue
Here at GreenlightGO, we offer a white-glove approach to your photography business. Each client has varied needs and we have the spaces to meet them all. 
We understand running your business is a full-time job (and then some). So lean on us to help pick the right spot for your project so you can get back to sourcing clients, creating invoices, editing the perfect photo, or the other million things you wish you were doing. 
Whether you're a professional photographer or just starting out, these 7 photo studios for rent in Los Angeles offer something for everyone. Don't settle for a mediocre space when you can have a top-of-the-line studio for your next shoot. All our tours are complementary so reach out to check out the photo studio options near you! 
Looking for the best photo studios and filming stages in Los Angeles? Contact us!