Client Spotlight: YourMomCares

Yourmomcares Team and Dr. Joseph
GreenlightGO had the pleasure of connecting YourMomCares and our Financial District Offices facility in New York City for their event on September 27th. YourMomCares is a kids' mental health nonprofit founded by the moms of musicians, athletes and actors. Founded by Sharon Feldstein (Jonah Hill and Beanie Feldstein’s mom), Patsy Noah (Adam Levine’s mom) and Terria Joseph (Alicia Keys’ mom), YourMomCares works to ensure children have access to the resources needed to be mentally well.

On September 27th, at Serendipity Labs in New York City, Dr. Heather Joseph was selected as the winner of YourMomCares first ever "Shrink Tank" a unique "Shark Tank" style event, where three esteemed researchers pitched their innovative ideas to a panel of YourMomCares “sharks” for a chance to win the $100,000 Research Brilliance Award.
Dr. Joseph emerged as the winner with a cutting-edge project which she believes can break the cycle of ADHD in families by working with expectant and new mothers with ADHD to develop an intervention for the prevention of ADHD in young children.
This pioneering intervention is the first of its kind which is appropo of Shrink Tank which is also the first of its kind - a competition of excellence in young doctors for grants to innovate in kids' mental health.
Shrink Tank is the latest collaboration between @yourMomCares and our prestigious partners @childrenspgh.

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