Using tech to fight COVID – smart is safe

Mitigating risk and minimizing uncertainty. If you had a magic wand, those two things are probably what you’d wave into existence, nowadays, right? 

Well, now there’s a sophisticated way to do just that. Introducing new services that provide you with a digital dashboard of employee COVID-19 compliance and relevant health data for every person working on your crew. 

Indeed – teams have been racing to develop an answer to the many challenges we’re all facing, and we’re relieved to report that the efforts have succeeded. 

It’s now possible to have mobile, self-service illness and exposure screening that works 24/7. You can even integrate monitors like Bluetooth thermometers and advanced thermal cameras to keep tabs on who’s coming and going. 

Making sure everyone’s healthy is a great first line of defense. But if there *is* an alert, this new system can also provide immediate access to licensed medical professionals. Even better, the advanced data available through the process can help expedite contact tracing. 

Straightforward protocols for tracking personnel, real-time reporting, flexible integration with your current HR software… this is what intelligent, non-obtrusive compliance tracking looks like. 

Get in touch with us to learn more about how GreenlightGO can help minimize risk and use information to help prevent the spread of illness in the workplace.