For When “Pretty Clean” Isn’t Clean Enough

GreenlightGO has always been quick about responding to the needs of our clientele, whether it’s world-class production facilities or turnkey COVID19 solutions to help keep the show moving.

Well, it’s quite an understatement to point out that 2020 has ushered in a whole list of new must-haves that are defining our new reality – and “disinfection” likely tops the list. (Though “haircuts and hugs” now seem more critical than we ever would have guessed, too.)

That’s why we’re unveiling a new way to take advanced, electrostatic disinfection technology into a brand-new field of applications.

This technology was previously used mostly in facilities where there had already been an identified problem with mold, viruses or bacteria. But now this safe, thorough system is just the thing for any environment in which keeping occupants protected is of paramount importance – so pretty much everywhere.

Here’s how it works: Imagine going into a room with a spray bottle filled with a germicidal, hospital-grade disinfectant. Now imagine your spray bottle has the power to disperse throughout the room, not just on top of surfaces but under, over and around everything.

This solution creates a uniform, 360° wraparound mist that uses electrostatically charged droplets to spread with a force 75% stronger than gravity, so you get even coverage that doesn’t just settle to the floor.

That means you can rest easy knowing you’ve improved infection control, impeded the spread of viruses and even achieved better indoor air quality. That’s something everybody likes, right?

This type of cleaning isn’t just effective, it’s cost-effective, too, reducing health-care expenses that could result from exposing occupants to a less-than-clean environment. That’s why we’re so excited – and relieved, honestly – to now be able to offer this powerful, innovative process, using disinfectant that’s approved by the EPA and the NSF, to our customers in all kinds of environments. Stay safe out there. 

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