Storytelling in the New Normal: COVID19 Production Services

This pandemic has changed life for everyone, and no two experiences have been the same. But there’s one thing that’s pretty unanimous: We all want to get back to doing what we do best, as safely as possible. 

That’s why GreenlightGO is launching a turnkey COVID19 production service, powered by our new partners at Set Medics, licensed EMTs adhering to best practices for production safety. Set Medics have reviewed guidelines and protocols from the CDC and Opening America Again, and have what we feel is a well-reasoned, carefully considered and responsible approach.

Through this partnership, you’ll benefit from on-site medics and EMTs – with extensive Film and TV production experience – who can guide necessary safety practices. These pros will handle a full complement of the new production essentials:

-       Providing touchless thermal reading at point of entry. Only team members below a specific threshold are admitted
-       Coaching staff to enforce a minimum 6-foot distance between all cast and crew
-       Maintaining accessible work areas for small teams to provide sufficient social distancing
-       Mandating regular hand washing (of course)
-       Maintaining hourly sanitizing wipe-downs of all knobs, handles and commonly touched surfaces
-       Reinforcing mask and glove protocol with production provided supplies

Please note that these practices are adapted to comply with specific state and local production guidelines in effect for your project. 

Now, is it going to be seamless at first? Probably not. Will it feel weird? Probably so. But through diligent screening, consistent social distancing, and ongoing cleanliness on set, all facilitated by folks who do this for a living, we’re looking forward to getting back to work, smoothly and cautiously.  

We encourage you to reach out for a conversation about how to make your next project as safe as it can be.