Traditional Post Recut: Now Edit Anywhere

When you picture the traditional production space, the edit bay has always been the belly of the beast – powerful, (expensive) computers, stacks of storage, brilliant screens, cushy chairs. 

But editors today are finding new ways to collaborate and work their magic. It’s now possible for a remote or cloud-based workflow to empower talented folks wherever they might happen to be. Let’s take a quick look at the two types.

-       A remote-based workstation lets your team use the traditional system type, just offsite. You tap into the previously set-up gear and get to work.

-       A cloud-based workstation lets you do away with the need for that traditional system altogether. 

By leveraging the cloud, an editing operation can now set up a workstation — or twenty of them — within minutes. As projects progress, you can easily scale up and down for the amount of time you need with cloud-based workstations-on-demand.

Cloud-based editing options can also limit IT hassles, as well as maintenance woes. If something were to break down somewhere, it’s no longer your problem – in fact, you probably would never even notice. 

You also get to say sayonara to the premium-priced “kits” needed for working with data-intensive content, as well as the not-insignificant cost of powering (and cooling) all of that equipment. 

What’s more, a cloud-based workstation opens the door to pay-as-you-go content creation tools – you don’t pay for what you don’t use. 

But one thing you’ll find common to both cloud- and remote-based options: Easy collaboration. Working on assets with the rest of your team is now simpler and more secure. No matter where everyone’s physically located, everyone can help move the project forward.

There’s a big world beyond the bay. Get in touch with us to learn more about how GreenlightGO can help minimize the hurdles and maximize the perks of the new post-production model.