COVID-19 Workplace Safety Training

As your team opens your production space or office, are you looking for a custom training seminar to cover the newest safety protocols? 

GreenlightGO has partnered up with leaders in Health & Safety Services to deliver a high-quality education program uniquely tailored to the needs of film and TV producers.

Your custom COVID-19 training seminar can: 
- Include federal, state, and local regulations needed to implement best practices at your place of work. 
- Inform your crew and personnel on what everyone can do to help ensure a healthier work environment.
- Give actionable guidelines on how to provide the safest workplace possible.
Utilizing social distancing, appropriate hygiene, PPE, and health screenings, we’re all excited to get back to creating again. GreenlightGO is here to help train your staff at your office, studio, or post-production house to be as safe as it can be. Reach out to learn more!