Streaming Will Surpass Cable by the End of the Year

Streaming will surpass cable by the end of the year, according to statistics from the recent Nielsen's Gauge report for June 2022. 

The Guage report is a monthly total of TV and Streaming ratings by the marketing research company Nielsen. The company provides data on audiences' and consumers' viewing habits from how they watch, what they watch, and the duration of their time on a platform. In June 2022, streaming hit its highest share of viewers at 33.7%, while conversely, broadcast and cable hit their lowest at 35.1%. This is a five-point drop from last year in June 2021. Since the rise of Netflix, streaming has taken center stage for most studios and programs, creating their own platforms with the development of Disney+, Peacock, HBO Max, and continuous more in development. Fan favorites like Stranger Things, The Boys, Euphoria, and more have originated from and gone directly to streaming services, pulling viewers away from traditional pay-tv subscriptions.  
The decline in cable users is nothing new as the term "cutting the cord" has been popularized due to the increase of canceled programming subscriptions. A report from MoffettNathanson estimated another 2.1 million drop in subscribers for their cable, satellite, telco, or virtual in the first quarter of 2022. The genre keeping viewers watching cable TV has been live sports, as in 2021, 95 of 100 most-watched programs were live sporting events. However, even these programs are starting to see a turn with live sports migrating to streaming video. Amazon prime has made a deal with the NFL to begin streaming Thursday night football this September. Apple TV has made a deal with MLS and MLB to start streaming select games, and peacock has also done the same with MLB. With the continuous expansion of streaming for all genres, viewership and incentives for streaming can only increase in audience by the fall.

This transition likely does not mean a downturn in film and tv production. Our thesis is that streaming has opened new doors for more stories to be told, while accelerating demand for diverse content of all kinds. This expanse has production to all-time highs, with stages overbooked, on-demand production offices utilized, and post-production studios working overtime to keep up. GreenlightGO is here to help storytellers find available stages, services, and facilities for your next project at a competitive price point.

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