Production Facility Update: Chelsea 'One-Stop' Production Studios Expansion

Blog Post by Kingston Perry, Media and Production Resources Intern

Located in one of the trendiest neighborhoods in all of Manhattan, this stunning 'One Stop' production facility in Chelsea is the ideal spot for any project – from start to finish. With three unique, separate studios, each with their own amenities and features, this facility has a diverse range of options and the ability to make any shoot smooth, efficient and enjoyable.

Studio A has a pre-lit, soundproof, 15' green screen cyc that can operate multiple 4K cameras, lighting, and sound from behind a plexiglass isolated engineering room while delivering live video streaming and interface to off-site clients and directors – a COVID safe option that helps ensure all crew members stay healthy. This studio also doubles as a 4K, 5.1 surround sound theater and screening room, and features a comfortable, spacious green room for clients and talent. This floor also features a soundproofed, climate controlled, COVID friendly Vodcast studio with a built in lighting grid and high speed WiFi.

Full amenities for this studio include: 
  • Podcast & V.O. Room with a Control Room
  • Pre-lit 15' Green Screen Cyc
  • 37'x25'x18' White Cyc Studio
  • Home Kitchen Set
  • Multi-4K camera set-up
  • 5.1 Mix Suite
  • Color Room
  • Graphic Design & Animation Room
  • 2 Editing Bays
  • WiFi

This facility expands to another floor, which features a comfortable, spacious lounge and an expansive 37.25'x18' white cyc studio.

And, the newest addition to the studio: a modern and gorgeous home kitchen set.

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