New York City Studio Roundup

Searching for that perfect studio with the tip-top amenities in the heart of New York City?
These premium production facilities are just a click away!

Premium Three Story Production Studio at Union Square

Right next to historic Union Square Park, this beautiful, three-story production facility is one of the best in New York City. With three unique stages and services that include Live Webcasting, TV production, on site equipment rentals, green screen CYC stages, crew for hire, and so much more, this studio is the definition of a complete package. It includes a tailored-for-tv chef’s kitchen studio with 72’ of exposed brick wall and 16’ ceilings with grid.

Chelsea 'One-Stop' Production Studios

Conveniently located in Chelsea, this one-stop production solution will help you fulfill all of your production needs, including a fully equipped kitchen and office spaces. This location will help create your project with ease. If you’re looking for live shots, film shoots and great kitchen space, this space is perfect for your project!

Chic Studio in Flatiron

This creative content house has worked with some of the heaviest hitters in the business. Filled to the brim with creativity, inspiration, and peak professionalism, this space delivers strong content every day within its 2 studio spaces: a white cyc soundstage and a daylight studio. Both studio rentals offer audio/video support and equipment rental on-site as well as access to a green room, a conference room, and a salon space.

Midtown Studio and Control Room

This 3200 Sq. Ft. state of the art video production facility in the heart of midtown Manhattan can suit your team's professional needs.

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