FoxTelecolombia Partnership = Your South American Connection

Last fall, we were proud to extend our offerings across the Atlantic, through our partnership with Reuters Broadcast Solutions in London. Now we’re thrilled to announce a new GreenlightGO partner in Bogota – the vibrant, engaging capital of Colombia.

Nestled in the Andes and boasting a wealth of historical and cultural landmarks, Bogota is truly one of the world’s great cities. And it’s the perfect setting for this stunning facility.
FoxTelecolombia, one of Latin America’s leading film and television studios, boasts more than 237,000 square feet of space, with two production centers and no fewer than 8 sound stages — and three permanent sets! In addition, this multipurpose complex is the only independent studio in Hispanic America with a backlot.
The offerings go on and on: 7 color correction suites, 7 online suites, 34 offline suites, 3 stereo mixing suites, 3 5.1 mixing rooms and an Atmos suite. “Impresionante” indeed!

There’s a hospital set. There’s a jail set. There’s a house set. There’s a private plane set. Plus warehouses full of nearly 50,000 wardrobe pieces and just about as many props and items for set dressing. And it’s all at your fingertips, thanks to this exciting international expansion of our offerings.
We can’t wait to see what you create in this awesome space.

Check out this facility listing to learn more!