Cyc Studio Roundup: New York

Blog post by Emily Dodaro, Media and Production Resources Intern.

What better place to take your project to than New York City? Being a hub for the entertainment industry and creative teams, GreenlightGO holds cyc studio spaces available throughout the Greater New York area. From Midtown Manhattan to Brooklyn, the possibilities are endless to find the perfect spot to roll the cameras or put the finishing touches on your film. You are bound to find a perfect environment that will allow your creativity to shine within the constant hustle and bustle of city life.

This stunning, classic studio space features a white cyc soundstage and a daylight studio, perfect for any style of shoot. Complete with a variety of other spaces, including a green room and a spacious conference room. Located in the Flatiron District, this space combined with creativity is bound to produce a great project. 

Your production will go off without a hitch when working in these beautiful studios. The calm environment will free you of any distractions, allowing you to roll the cameras with ease. Find yourself here in Brooklyn if you are searching for a unique, distinctive studio to complete your greatest masterpiece.

The serene streets of East Williamsburg are calling your name to bring your next big film or photoshoot here in this creative studio space. This top-of-the-line studio is complete with an easily accessible 5,000 square foot cyc that is equipped for all of your production needs. With a studio as stunning as this, you will want to soak it all in.