Best Photo Studio NYC: 8 Best Photo Studios In New York City

In this article, we help you find the best photo studio NYC can offer with a list of 8 amazing photography studios. New York City is one of the top three most popular cities for photography; which means there are a lot of different photo studios to choose from. However, not every photography studio is the best. 

These photo studios are at the top of our list because of their equipment, space, props, production personnel, lighting, service, and more. From commercial photography to creative concepts–these studios can do it all. 

Keep reading to get the scoop on what these NYC photo studios offer. 

8 Best Photo Studio NYC Locations
  1. One Stop' production facility in Chelsea

Located in one of the trendiest neighborhoods in all of Manhattan, this stunning 'One Stop' production facility in Chelsea is the ideal spot for any project – from start to finish. With three unique, separate studios, each with different amenities and features, this facility has a diverse range of options and the ability to make any shoot smooth, efficient, and enjoyable. 

Studio A has a pre-lit, soundproof, 15' green screen cyc that can operate multiple 4K cameras, lighting, and sound from behind a plexiglass isolated engineering room while delivering live video streaming and interface to off-site clients and directors – a COVID-safe option that helps ensure all crew members stay healthy. This studio also doubles as a 4K, 5.1 surround sound theater and screening room, and features a comfortable, spacious green room for clients and talent. This floor also features a soundproofed, climate-controlled, COVID-friendly Vodcast studio with a built-in lighting grid and high-speed WiFi. 

'One Stop' production facility in Chelsea

Full amenities for this studio include: 

  • Podcast & V.O. Room with a Control Room
  • Pre-lit 15' Green Screen Cyc
  • 37'x25'x18' White Cyc Studio
  • Home Kitchen Set
  • Multi-4K camera set-up
  • 5.1 Mix Suite
  • Color Room
  • Graphic Design & Animation Room
  • 2 Editing Bays
  • WiFi

This facility expands to another floor, which features a comfortable, spacious lounge and an expansive 37.25'x18' white cyc studio.
Photo Studio

And, the newest addition to the studio: a modern and gorgeous home kitchen set.
Photo Studio

2. Spacious Daylight Photo Studio 

The second photo studio NYC location on our list is Spacious Daylight Photo Studio. This photo studio is in Midtown, New York, NY, and is a beautiful, brightly lit photo studio with a rating of 5 stars. There are some perks to this photo studio rental NYC spot besides the gorgeous lighting; they also provide some photo equipment and they have an affordable hourly rate. 
Spacious Daylight Photo Studio

3. Tribeca End-to-End Production Space

This studio is a state-of-the-art photo, video, and event space in NYC that we have to include on this list. They are top-rated for their amazing service, fully equipped production studio, and an assortment of production spaces. Unlike some other photo studio NYC locations, this studio provides expert production services on a comprehensive level. 

Studio offers:

  • Natural light studios
  • Rooftop shooting space
  • Darkrooms
  • In-house editors, retouchers, and SFX experts
  • Top-of-the-line equipment rentals
  • Production assistance and crew members
  • Casting services


4. Brooklyn Cyc

Another great photo studio with a cyc wall is the East Williamsburg studio Brooklyn Cyc. It has a super crisp, straightforward layout with a kitchen and lounge area to relax in between shoots. They make production easy by taking care of everything so you can focus your energy on the shoot.  
Brooklyn Cyc

5. Bushwick Turnkey Virtual Studio

This New York studio is designed with multi-panel display technology and equipment to make your fantasies a reality. With 10,000 sq. Ft, a professional lighting system, and a voiceover booth the studio gives you complete creative control to change a scene within seconds. The studio's curved LED walls make it able to handle any range of production. This studio is tailored to virtual production, allowing scenes to be shot by a camera tracking engineer.
Bushwick Turnkey Virtual Studio

6. A-List Studio in LIC

A-List Studio in LIC is just that–one of the top-rated photo studio rental locations in NYC. Located in Long Island City, Queens, this photo studio is sure to impress even the most hard-to-please talent with its fully stocked lounge and bar area. It has a 3,000 ft cyc wall and stage with all the works. In addition to the photo and video studio, A-List Studio in LIC also has a top-of-the-line recording studio in-house.

7. Brooklyn Soundstage and Support Space

Brooklyn Soundstage and Support Space
A great big box for great big shows. With up to 18,000 Sq Ft of shooting space, you will have plenty of room to capture your vision. The full-on production support will make your workflow seamless, with greenrooms, hair and makeup stations, and direct load-in capabilities. Easy access to the subway and a quick ride from Manhattan makes this your next film haven.  

Amenities included:

  • Work Stations
  • Studio
  • Bullpen
  • 24-Hour Access
  • Phone / Printer / Fax
  • Free WiFi
  • Conference Room

8. Prime Production In the Brooklyn Navy Yard

Prime Production In the Brooklyn Navy Yard
Whatever your needs are, this facility packs the wow factor at every turn. A top-tier facility with tip-to-tail services and turn-key production, located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard with incredible views of Manhattan. With studios to fit your every need, conference rooms to get your meetings accomplished, edit bays to finish your projects in, and endless space to work in, it’s a one-stop shop for the prime producer looking for a space that’s going to make any executive or hard-to-please client very happy.

Amenities included:

  • Reception Desk / Area
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • 24 Hour Access
  • On-Site Audio/Video Equipment
  • Phone / Printer / Fax
  • Free WiFi


There are tons of photo studios to choose from in New York City, but not every photo studio is a good photo studio. The 8 NYC photography studios in our list are top-rated for all kinds of photography projects. If you are looking for the best photo studio NYC has to offer, GreenlightGO can help connect you with a photo studio rental that works for you.